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The Planning Process: Retirement Planning

Financial independence during retirement is a goal that many of us desire but rarely plan for adequately. We can estimate what you need to maintain your current lifestyle at retirement. Any company-sponsored retirement plans, individual retirement accounts, savings accounts, and other sources of income are evaluated. Then, an effective, step-by-step strategy is determined, taking advantage of current tax laws and suitable investment vehicles. Creating a strategy can help set the stage for a comfortable retirement.

Five essential steps on the road to retirement

  • Establish Your Objectives
  • Determine Your Investment Style
  • Evaluate Investments
  • Choose an Appropriate Investment Plan
  • Execute and Periodically Examine the Plan

Establishing your retirement plan through Westminster Financial Securities, Inc., means investment flexibility. You have the ability to select and then reposition your portfolio holdings to satisfy ever-changing personal and economic conditions. Our selection of self-directed retirement accounts includes:

Traditional IRA -
    An account established and funded by individual contributions or an individual retirement plan transferred from another financial institution.
Rollover IRA -
    A retirement account funded by distributions received from an employer's qualified pension or profit-sharing plan upon termination of employment.
    A retirement account established and funded by employer contributions.

Start now!

The longer you wait to create a retirement plan, the more you jeopardize your future happiness. You'll thank yourself tomorrow for what you start today.